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About Dr. Ash Cooper

​Ash first got his foot in the door when he started working for an orthotic manufacturer in 2007, learning all he could about the biomechanics of the foot and how to treat some of the most common conditions affecting people. Deciding to make this his life’s practice, he set about the goal of becoming a fully qualified podiatrist. While studying, he was employed by La Trobe University to tutor other students in anatomy.
Having spent a lot of time involved in dance and stage performance, Ash has built up an interest in musculoskeletal injuries caused by repetitive stress or strain to muscles or ligaments. Combining his prior knowledge of orthotic intervention with his studies during university, Ash chose to focus on how to help people recover from injury, whether from sport, physical activity, or pain that appeared out of nowhere.

Ash has also been expanding his knowledge on different procedures to manage ingrown toenails. Previously versed in the surgical removal of the nail, Ash has continued studying the use of tools and techniques to remove nail spikes or rectify involution to provide more comfort and ongoing relief for his patients.
With his friendly smile and charming demeanour, why not come to one of Ash’s locations and see if he can help you with whatever issues you’re having with your feet. There’s no heel pain too small or fungal nail too big that Ash can’t handle!

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